Sonntag, 19. August 2012


American Apparel Corduroy Circle Skirt
Heels, Akira Dress, Asos Bsg

Flower Print Blouse (:, Bow Hat, Mustard Shoes!

Tea And Tulips Peter Pan Blouse, Tea And Tulips Rosenio Splendid Bag, Otrera Evil Eye Scarf

Zara Blouse, Romwe Shorts, Zara Shoes, Armani Sunnies, Romwe Ring
Zara, Asos Military, Cheap Monday, Cesare Rubini

Romwe Cherry Print Dress, The Cambridge Satchel Company Red Satchel, Zara Black Patent Shoes, Handmade Cherry Brooch

Natural Color Top, Romwe Shorts, Ffaq Heels

Www.Deezee.Pl Shoes, Zara Shorts, Plny Blouse, Solano Glasses
DAs T-Shirt hätt ich auch sehr gerne !

Free People Floral Embroidered Mini Dress, Ray Ban Ray Ban  The Erika, Vintage Bag

Dress, Bambi Bow, Necklace, Shoes

Leggings, Boots, Jacket
Musterleggins ♥

Illustrated People Shirt, Romwe Leggins, Dr. Martens Boots, Belt, Jewelry
Man beachte auch die Haare!


Lace Jacket, Skirt, Secondhand Belt

H&M Shirt, H&M Cardi, Viparo Bag

Betts  Wedges

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